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Malabon's Music Room

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Guitar and Piano Chord Charts
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MOP 2016-2017
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The Malabon Student's
 Manual of Protocol
80 pages of :
Writing Tips
Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano Chords
Familiar Songs with Chords
Scripts & Acting
Art Technique with Examples to Copy
Computer Keyboard Typing Technique

Malabon's Music Program
The Gong That Begins Class

Malabon Elementary School is committed to providing your child with a musical education of the highest caliber.

Each music class begins by listening to or viewing performances of the highest quality of music available on media. Classical, jazz, and traditional styles are enjoyed, with historical tidbits and contextual analysis thrown in for good measure.

After this we get busy with our aggressive curriculum for the remainder of the class.

The Music Curriculum
Five Critical Skill Sets

  • Our year begins with the singing segment. We learn proper vocal technique and sing a wide range of excellent musical literature, concluding with a public concert.
  • We next move into the notation segment where students learn to read and write basic treble clef notes and rhythms.
  • The keyboard segment follows. Students learn how to read and play simple piano music on their keyboards.
  • The percussion segment focuses on the reading and performing of rhythms ranging from simple to complex. We utilize drum pads and sticks and rehearse similarly to a marching band drum line.
  • The year concludes with the guitar and ukulele segment. Students learn the most useful basic guitar and ukulele chords and how to read and strum chords as they sing along.